Relax with Reiki

Reiki Facelift

The Reiki Facelift is a natural therapy that uses energy-balancing technique to lower the aging effects, reduce or erase stress lines, and gives a perfect body tone and appearance. With the restoration of energy flow in the face, neck, other body parts, Reiki Facelift delivers immediate and long-term visible results, and continued use guarantees disappearing wrinkles and facial lines, and also skin softening and shining skin restoration.

The best part is the nature of the treatment, which doesn't require surgery, medicine or a big budget, and takes just about 40 minutes per session. As we age, natural effects of the face losing elasticity with lines and wrinkles all over will occur. Most people wait till it gets too tense, then go for an expensive plastic surgery. Reiki Facelift can help to delay aging without going into the surgery theater.  You’ll feel awesome, and most people testify feeling relaxed, more relieved, sleep and think better after a treatment session.

It is an amazing luxury Spa therapy, which can take as little as 40 minutes of your time. You can do it with full makeup on, finish and go on with your day's activities.

It is performed by a certified Reiki professional. Reiki energy healing can enhance your beauty.  It is a wonderful way to relax, as it soothes the emotions, mind, spirit and general well-being of the body. It is a highly recommended skin care treatment for body stress.

Reiki Facelift can also be used for traditional treatments, such as laugh lines and jowls. It is also known to help relieve tension and stress; helps release emotional issues; relieve pain and support the immune system. The painless Reiki Healing Energy is sent into your body for a whole session. This energy will penetrate the skin and ensure all the skin layers receive this quality treatment; you will glow from the inside soon. 

Energy healing balances and tunes the energetic flow in the body, while facial stress can be removed or diminished as the skin gets nourished and gives you a refreshed and elegant face. It utilizes one’s natural vital energy to enhance the inner self-healing ability. With stress reduced, your glowing skin, and a good emotional balance, you become very much more beautiful.


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