Relax with Reiki

ing was wrong with my peripheral vision. 

I went to the doctor, and she thought it was some inflammation, then gave me some antibiotics. Nothing changed, and nine months later, the same thing was happening with my left eye.

This time, when I went back to the doctor, she knew what was wrong. She sent me for a CT scan, and I had a 2 cm tumor between my optic nerves.

When I was wOne day 22 years ago, I found out that I couldn't see with half of my right eye.

Somethaiting for surgery, my friend told me about this healer in town. I didn't know anything about Energy Healing, and I was skeptical, but I went to see him.

Immediately when he touched me, I felt this warm, calming feeling.

I saw him three times before surgery,  and the third time, he gave me his phone number and said I should call him the night before surgery.

The day before surgery, I felt so calm. My family was surprised. I was also surprised at how relaxed I was.

In the evening, I called him, and when he picked up the phone, I felt the warm, calming energy again.

Yes, Reiki and Energy healing can be done remotely: Distance Healing.

It was a 6-hour surgery, and everything went smoothly.

After surgery, I recovered so fast without any complications. 

One day, my friend told me a Reiki teacher was coming to town to teach Reiki.This time, I was convinced that Reiki works, so I decided to do it.

I did Reiki 1, and after about a year later, Reiki 2. 

This time, I was living in Slovakia.

My family won a green card, and we moved to the US. 

I didn't speak English, so I did some Reiki on my family and friends only, and on our dog, Daisy.

In 2015, I noticed my right eye was getting worse, and I told my doctor.

He told me to see a neurologist.

One day, I had a terrible headache, and my daughter took me to the emergency room.

They did a CT scan and doctor came and said, "I am sorry, you have another mass." 

 My daughter started to cry .I told her I did it once, and I would handle it.

 The day before surgery, the anesthesiologist came and said it was going to be a 10-16-hour surgery.

 I looked at my daughter and said, "I am gonna have a beauty sleep."

 The surgery lasted for 10 hours, and this time, it took me more time to recover.

 After I recovered three months later, my journey as a healer started.


I became a Reiki Master.

I started to learn and study everything about

Holistic health (Healing on all levels)


- Mental

- Emotional, Spiritual.


I became a life hacker and biohacker.

Women Empowerment Coach. 

I am certified Life Coach, Emotional Healing Coach,

Law of Attraction Coach

Theta Healer,IET practitioner

I opened my practice and started to work on clients.


I combine Coaching with energy psychology and energy healing modalities.