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Magnetic Facelift

Is the magnet therapy the next big thing in anti-aging-skin care

Since the belief that magnets possess some medical properties, 

such as detoxification and anti-inflammation, it has since been 

used from the ancient times, and People even say it aids in 

beauty too.

Magnet facelift therapy deals with the use of the natural abilities 

of a magnet to combat aging, which brings effects on the skin 

such as wrinkles, sagging, etc.

 How is this therapy done?

The magnet charge causes tiny vessels in the skin to dilate, and 

influences the molecules of the body. The effects include an 

increase in blood flow to the skin, the flow of oxygen in the 

bloodstream, increase of a substance called “collagen,” which 

firms the skin, and also removes dead cells and increase the 

growth of new ones.

For a brief History, according to research, this treatment therapy 

became popular in the United States after the World War II, as 

doctors experimented this on injured soldiers who experienced a 

reduction in pain.

Now in Magnetic facelift, it simply is the treatment making use of 

these magnet properties to reduce aging. 


1. Reduces skin inflammation
2. Assists in detoxification
3. Keeps the skin alive
4. Helps with swelling of the face
5. Reduce puffiness under the eyes
6. Gives the skin nice glow

Cleopatra may have harnessed the power of magnets to promote glowing skin some 2,000 years ago. But now that magnet therapy seems to be making a comeback, the techniques certainly have improved.

I put small gold Reiki infused and programed magnet balls on your face on your acupuncture and meridian points around eyes and mouth.