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Chakra Balancing

Chakras are ports or route by which subtle energy can be transferred into the physical body. The body has seven (7) basic chakras and 2,000 secondary ones; these chakras are helping to direct and maintain the integrity of our three main elements - mind, body, and spirit. Just as our mindset and decisions are constantly changing, does our chakra system requirements.

First Chakra: (Stability and Security) – Also known as a “root chakra,” it lies at the base of the spine, and has the color red

Second Chakra: (Creativity) - The color is orange, and between the navel and the stomach bones. This chakra is called a “sexual chakra.”

Third Chakra: (Desire) - The color is green, and just above the navel.

The Fourth Chakra: (comparison) - The color is yellow, and is in the middle of your chest. This is called your “heart chakra.”

Fifth Chakra: (Purpose of Creation, a.k.a “chakra of the throat.”) - The color is blue, and located in the middle of the throat.

Sixth Chakra: (Intuition) - Deep indigo in color, lies on the forehead between the eyebrows, and also called the “third eye chakra.”

Seventh Chakra: (Spiritual Connection) – color; purple white, location; the crown of the head. Otherwise known as “crown chakra.”

What do you feel when out of balance?

When your body chakra needs balancing, you will get signs. You would feel the sudden incompleteness, less energy, less motivation, etc. A chakra out of balance will most likely reflect in the area where it is located. For example, if you are a person who gets frequent sore throats, it may be that your throat chakra is imbalanced, or not functioning at its highest potential.

Benefits of balancing our chakra

When your chakra balances, you will feel mentally clear, energetic, creative and healthy. With the right tools, the body is an incredible healer, so give it what it needs. Having a good chakra balance is a very important aspect. You also feel alive, confident, able to accomplish what you put your mind to, and have an overall happiness

How to Balance our chakra

There are proven therapies over the years, which include  Energy healing like Reiki, Massage, Meditation, etc.